Why get involved?

This election is important. We are in the middle of a recession with no end in sight and congress has voted to change the way in which medical care is administered in this country. Garland County needs a representative who has been proactive all his life and who understands business and medicine. No matter what medical system we are handed by congress, we must have adequate numbers of qualified physicians to provide care now and in the future. A failure to do this will shrink Garland County's largest employer and make it hard to get complete care in Hot Springs. This will result in less jobs in the medical industry, inability to care for the sickest patients, and a less attractive climate for retirees and new businesses. In time, this triple threat will have disastrous consequences for our economy.

How to get involved?

Monetary donations are always appreciated. Your time donated to this campaign is equally valuable. We need volunteers to:

Please call 501-623-3034, or email Carla@Drpellegrino.com if you are interested in getting involved.