About Dr. Pellegrino

A 20 year resident and physician in Garland County, Dr. Pellegrino has been a doctor, small business owner, and community leader in Hot Springs. A practicing physician, he has the knowledge that we need to make sure healthcare in Garland County and across Arkansas is made a priority in Little Rock.

      Dr. Pellegrino is qualified to be your representative.

      Dr. Pellegrino cares about people.

      Dr.Pellegrino likes to get things done.

In 1995, Dr. Pellegrino was recognized nationally for his leadership in patient advocacy when he won the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award. He has founded four successful small businesses, including an excavation company, Earthmovers. In addition to for-profit companies, Dr. Pellegrino brought the American Parkinson's Disease Information and Referral Center to Arkansas, and was it's founding Medical Director for over 15 years. He was also founding medical director of the National Park Rehabilitation Unit, serving for 14 years, and was Committee Chair and founding medical Director of the Alzheimer's disease Respite Center for 5 years.

     Garland County for his famly and community.

Dr. Pellegrino was born in the Bronx, and educated in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Twenty years ago, when he was ready to strike out on his own, he chose to come to Arkansas with his wife, Rita. Rita and Richard have been sweethearts since they were 16 years old and have been married for 28 years. They have two lovely children, Rachael, 17 and Richard, 13. The entire family is active in their church and in many community organizations.

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