Dr. Richard G. Pellegrino, of Hot Springs, announces his candidacy for the District 25 seat of the Arkansas House of Representatives as a Democrat.

The current officeholder, Dr. Gene Shelby, is running for the Arkansas Senate.

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Dr. Pellegrino Registers as a canidate

LITTLE ROCK – Dr. Richard G. Pellegrino of Hot Springs registered today as a candidate for State Representative and announced his “Prescription for a Healthy Community.” 

“A focus on heathcare is important for our community.  Based on my research, it appears that within 10 years, Garland County may not have enough physicians,” said Dr. Pellegrino.      

Dr. Pellegrino’s “Prescription for a Healthy Community” focuses on three key areas – education, small business, and healthcare.   The Prescription ensures that lottery money is actually spent on education, small businesses are provided support to thrive, and Hot Springs is able to attract top quality physicians now and in the future. 

“After serving over 20 years as a physician in Hot Springs, I have heard clearly that my patients are concerned about the future of their healthcare in our town.  Because we are losing physicians, patients have to wait longer or make trips to Little Rock.  That decline hurts patient care and threatens our ability to recruit new businesses.  Hot Springs retirees and small business owners need a strong voice in Little Rock,” said Dr. Pellegrino.

About Dr. Richard Pellegrino

Dr. Pellegrino is a physician and small business owner and has been active in civic projects in Hot Springs.  He founded INNResearch, a non-profit dedicated to educating the elderly in the clinical research process and the American Parkinson’s Disease information and Referral center and where he served as medical director for over 15 years.  He also founded the  Alzheimer’s disease respite center in Hot Springs and was the founding director of the National Park Rehabilitation Center for over 14 years.  In 1995, he received the “Ten Outstanding Americans” award for his work in research and education.  He continues to practice neurology and has been Principal investigator in over 160 clinical studies.  Dr. Pellegrino has two children and has been married to his wife, Rita, for over 29 years.  He may be reached at 501-623-3034 or by visiting the website at www.RGPfor25.com